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We stand behind bringing our clients a more enhanced and efficient process in handling claims management. There is no exception to a quality process. We offer a comprehensive service, and we achieve this by performing the following:

IDENTIFY & MONITOR: Cornerstone does the homework that is required to inform your company that it may be a claimant to a class action settlement. Every year, we are aware that millions of dollars are left on the table by companies that did not know that they were a claimant to a class action settlement. Our goal is to connect your company to its settlement by identifying class action claims that affect your business.

RESEARCH & STRATEGY: Our research is the foundation for successfully building our client’s class action settlement. We invest in the time and technology required to learn every nuance of all Antitrust Class Action Settlements in our pipeline so that we can submit a robust claim on behalf of our clients based on the unique characteristics of their settlement. We believe that it’s our business to acquire superior knowledge in every Antitrust Class Action Settlement we represent so that our clients benefit from the education of our research and the strategy of our work.

MAXIMIZE SETTLEMENTS: We endeavor in maximizing the value of every claim where applicable for our clients. We have developed tools and protocols to enhance the value of your claim where applicable. We also can ensure that your claim will not be misfiled or ends up being tagged as a deficient claim. Our experience will give your company the advantage of producing the best possible outcome for its class action settlement. 

LIFE CYCLE MANAGEMENT: The lifecycle management of your claim begins when you are onboarded as a client of the company and this relationship continues up and to including post distribution of settlement. There are many steps in managing a claim properly and the process has become more complicated for certain filings over time. Outsourcing your company’s claims to Cornerstone ensures proper management of the claims from initial filing, obtaining and securing your data, meeting Claim Administrator requests, overcoming mid-cycle obstacles, and informing your company of any milestone affecting your claim. We make the process efficient for your company so that you can stay focused on your core business. 

RECOVER: The final step of the management lifecycle of your claim is recovering your settlement and we diligently reconcile all settlement payments received from the Claims Administrator. Our goal is to distribute your claim settlement amount in accordance with the instructions your company provides us. We perform this function in a timely manner from when the payment distribution is received from the Claims Administrator.

“Quality Means Doing It Right When No One Is Looking.” – Henry Ford