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Frequently Asked Questions

Each class action case that goes into the settlement is assigned a Claims Administrator. The Claims Administrator is a neutral third-party company that receives claims from affected parties, known as claimants. They review and process claims and then allocate a value to each claim in accordance with the plan of distribution for each settlement. When the settlement process for all claims reaches its end, the Claims Administrator will make payments in conformity with the value of the claim to the claimant. Among other things, a Claims Administrator checks data points of the claim pertaining to its validity and if data is missing, they can reject a claim. They also ensure your claim is kept confidential. 

The Plan of Distribution for each settlement provides the terms on how payments will be calculated for each claim. The plan provides guidance as to how each claim will be evaluated for its settlement payment. There are many factors involved in each recovery and therefore it’s not possible to provide an answer without knowing certain variables. For example, the number of claimants represented in the settlement would affect the calculation. This information is not provided by the Claims Administrator until after the settlement. However, in valuing your claim this answer would be required as the calculation is divided on a pro-rata basis of claimants. Based on this we can derive that the more claimants, the lesser the value of the claim, and fewer Claimants would mean the higher the value of the claim. 

The answer is NO. The Defendants or any other public party will not know your business has filed a claim. Once your business has filed, the claims administrator’s duty is to keep the claimant’s information confidential. They also assign your business a claim number to help ensure each claimant’s confidentiality. Throughout the lifecycle of the claim, your business will be identified by that number. Your company name and other proprietary information will remain private. Cornerstone Capital Recovery will also ensure that any data you provide to us will also remain confidential. 

The answer is NO. Cornerstone Capital Recovery is a claims management company and does not represent clients in class action litigations. Our clients are all claimants and not Plaintiffs. The litigation of the case or the settling of defendants is typically completed at the claims filing stage. Plaintiffs would be involved in the litigation of a lawsuit, claimants are not.

Cornerstones Capital Recovery only takes a contingency fee, which is an agreed-upon percentage that comes from your settlement recovery amount when it’s paid by the claim’s administrator. It is a contingency fee because if your claim has no value, we do not charge your company for our time and efforts in managing your claim. Additionally, we do not bill for any service we provide, so your company will never have any out-of-pocket expenses from us. For example, we provide many value-added services for our clients such as accounting, technology, and hiring of industry experts to substantiate your claim. We never charge for any of these services. We only ask for our contingency fee.

The length of every settlement is different and there are many variables that can extend or reduce the time of the lifecycle of your claim once it has been filed with the Claims Administrator. The time frame of when your claim pays out has everything to do with the Claims Administrator’s schedule and where in the process they are. However, due to the relationships, we maintain with many claim administrators, we may be able to provide information on where in the process your claim is and what is the projected timeframe for payment.

The answer is, NO. Cornerstone Capital Recovery does retain counsel for legal issues. However, we are not a law firm or a legal advisor in any capacity. We are a claims management company that will file, manage, and payout your claim once it has settled. 

The answer is, NO. Cornerstone Capital Recovery is neither. We are a claims management company that will file, manage, and payout your claim once it has settled.

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