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When a class action lawsuit settles, there are many businesses that can collect funds as part of the settlement class. These businesses are claimants. As a claimant, they may receive a letter in the mail identifying them as a being part of the settlement. The letter often comes with lengthy or complicated instructions on how to file the claim for their settlement money. Sometimes, claim administrators or attorneys working on the case have no way of gathering the contact information of businesses who can claim part of a final settlement. In these cases, a notice of the settlement may be posted in newspapers, magazines, or online. In either case, there is no guarantee that every business that can collect their portion of a settlement will come forward to claim their money. Additionally, there is no guarantee for businesses that were contacted that they will file their claim properly. Due to the increasing complexity of the claim filing process, businesses may end up filing deficient claims whereby the claim is rejected if not properly remedied. Therefore, each year many businesses are left without their portion of their settlement. However, Cornerstone Capital Recovery has the solution to overcome these obstacles and ensure your business will connect with the recovery it’s owed.


Cornerstone Capital Recovery is a settlement capital recovery firm. It’s been built upon the experience of its class action settlement experts that have the knowledge to connect businesses to their recovery. Our Chief Executive Office is a pioneer in the field of forging the concept of proactively identifying and successfully pursuing antitrust recovery opportunities for corporate clients. The breadth of settlements our team has collectively worked is a proven track record in recovering overcharges that clients have been forced to pay due to illegal conduct by suppliers or competitors. We provide our clients with a sophisticated alternative to filing on their own, as we are a full-service recovery firm that provides a high level of professional guidance and management through the class action claims process. Cornerstone continuously monitors class action settlements and alerts our clients when they may be affected and entitled to a recovery. Cornerstone then performs all the work to file a valid, complete, and comprehensive claim. This requires data collection and in-depth analysis of the client's unique set of circumstances. Our process helps clients reduce their administrative burden, and maximize their capital recovery so they may improve their bottom line.


When it comes to Antitrust Class Action Settlement Recovery, deep fundamental knowledge of the claims process and the ability to uncover and capitalize on the value of your data is key in securing your claim and maximizing its restitution. Cornerstone Capital Recovery “Cornerstone” provides all the building blocks to set up your company with the best outcome in your Class Action Settlement. We understand that class actions are designed to make whole, affected customers of businesses that used anti-competitive or illegal practices to mislead or deceive their customers. However, due to the nature of the settlement process, businesses may never connect to their settlement money. Simply put, Cornerstone is designed to ensure your business is made whole from the class action that affects it by connecting it to its recovery. Cornerstone is a team of class action settlement recovery experts that provides our clients with valuable solutions that address the increasing complexities of the antitrust class action settlement landscape. We ensure our clients are notified that they have been affected by a settlement, we educated them on the distinctions of each case, we file their claims and oversee the lifecycle management of their claim, we also apply methodologies to maximize their restitution where applicable and distribute their settlement in accordance with their instructions. Every step of the way, Cornerstone ensures best-in-class recovery practices are applied. Our team is committed to helping your business achieve the best possible result from its class action settlement without any out-pocket costs.

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An antitrust lawsuit is derived from the Sherman Antitrust Act and is any suit filed under federal or state antitrust laws. The lawsuit can be brought by a company’s competitors for anticompetitive business practices, or by purchasers of a product or service, providing that the anticompetitive practice may have increased the price they paid. For example, a consumer may have paid an inflated price because several competitors in a market conspired to fix prices, by agreeing not to undercut each other on price. Or a consumer might have paid too much because a single company abused its monopoly power in a way prohibited by antitrust law. A consumer may have also overpaid because competitors engaged in market division by agreeing not to compete in each other’s geographic markets. Under the Clayton Act, a purchaser can bring a class action lawsuit seeking treble damages, equal to three times the amount the company made through its anticompetitive conduct.
The answer is NO. Cornerstone Capital Recovery is a claims management company and does not represent clients in class action litigations. Our clients are all claimants and not Plaintiffs. The litigation of the case or the settling of defendants is typically completed at the claims filing stage. Plaintiffs would be involved in the litigation of a lawsuit, claimants are not.
The answer is NO. The Defendants or any other public party will not know your business has filed a claim. Once your business has filed, the claims administrator’s duty is to keep the claimant’s information confidential. They also assign your business a claim number to help ensure each claimant’s confidentiality. Throughout the lifecycle of the claim, your business will be identified by that number. Your company name and other proprietary information will remain private. Cornerstone Capital Recovery will also ensure that any data you provide to us will also remain confidential.

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