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EXPERIENCE is the cornerstone foundation

EXPERIENCE is our foundation and we have built Cornerstone on tenets that reflect our long-term standing in the industry. Our team has collectively worked on hundreds of Antitrust Class Action Settlements. Each has been incredibly diverse from data requirements to the industries they represent. The challenges we have encountered in performing the work in the antitrust settlement space for many years have provided Cornerstone with deep-rooted industry knowledge, technical expertise, and the understanding that we must endeavor to go further. Our collective time in this space has allowed us to achieve a comprehensive approach towards how to get the job done effectively and efficiently. 

Here’s What Experience Has Taught Us, And The Wisdom That Guides Our Work:

Complexity is inevitable.
Embrace it.

It seems complicated because it is and if it seems simple, it’s still complicated. Doing work that involves Antitrust Class Action Settlements for countless industries is challenging. The right solutions involve thinking that needs to be critical, creative, divergent, and unconventional. That means picking apart the intricacies of each settlement, applying comprehensive research, and seeking outcomes through analysis that are the most profitable for our clients.

Strategy Throughout.

Strategy is a mindset. Strategic thinking needs to be integrated into every decision of our workflow. The old adage of “set it and forget it” doesn’t work because every settlement is different, and each requires unique applications. It’s also about understanding how each client has a different set of unique circumstances concerning their settlement and learning the aspects of each is what helps to build the right strategy that yields a robust settlement.

Engagement Builds Client Satisfaction.

Behind the scenes application of our knowledge towards our client’s unique settlement is not enough. Clients want to be informed of touchpoints of their claim in a timely manner. Additionally, they may require one-off solutions for complex settlements. We believe a client that respects what we do does not become a number. They should not be picking up the phone to understand where their claim stands. A culture of servicing our clients and providing solution-oriented outcomes that enhance their bottom line is why clients respect our work and brings them back.

A Maximized Recovery is the Goal.
It Demonstrates Success.

Success lies in bringing together all the components necessary to achieve the most robust settlement a claimant can obtain. The challenge is in seeking every piece of data available, whether it comes from research or other sources. It means an in-depth analysis of our client’s unique set of circumstances to form the best possible outcome for their settlement. Our mission is to always file the most comprehensive claim.

“The Only Source Of Knowledge Is Experience.” Albert Einstein