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After spending several decades in the Antitrust Class Action Settlement business, the founder of Cornerstone Capital Recovery, LLC (“Cornerstone”) concluded that there was a better way to serve the industry. Thus, Cornerstone was created to do just that. The concept began from the simple but bold idea to improve access to Class Action Settlements by enhancing key operational functions that are akin to the industry but also developing processes that put the client first. Cornerstone’s heritage takes the best-in-class of experience in legal, sales, operations, research, technology, and administration. It has formulated a proprietary workflow process that is innovative for the claims filing business. The collective experience of the firm is aware of the industry shortfalls and Cornerstone was designed to create a higher quality version of the Class Action Settlement companies of the past. We build and deliver upon your settlement in a manner that exceeds the competition, that is because we believe everyone wins when we go further.



We inform you that your company may be a claimant to a class action settlement, and we go further, as we coach your company on the nuances of the case affecting your bottom line, and provide consultation services for the best recovery strategy for your unique set of circumstances.


We keep your company informed and we go further by providing all the data requirements a claim administrator may need outside the parameters of the claim form. We manage the lifecycle of your claim and notify your business of important milestones.


We ensure your claim is valid, properly submitted, and filed on time and we go further, as we ensure your claim is never deficient and the data is comprehensive. We perform all the analyses to improve upon your set of data in order to obtain the full maximum value of your settlement.

“Build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door” – Ralph Waldo Emerson